The Millennial Whisperer

The World's Largest and Most

Misunderstood Generation.


Managing Millennials in the Workplace.

Millennials made a poor first impression and developed the reputation of being lazy, entitled, selfish, and disloyal. The truth is Millennials are no lazier or more entitled, selfish, or disloyal than any previous generation.

However, Millennials do differ from previous generations and I am here to help companies and leaders use this information to immediately boost productivity without building an office full of ping pong tables, beer kegs, and participation trophies.



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What companies are saying

Chris will help you learn more about your future leaders and uncover tactical ways to turn Millennials into your secret weapon.
— Jeremy Gutsche, CEO at Trendhunter & NYT Best Selling Author
Chris’ strategies will not only help you lead Millennials, but they will help you become a better leader for everyone.
— John Gordon, Six-Time NYT Bestselling Author
Chris teaches skills to better communicate with Millennials that will make their work both more meaningful and profitable.
— Bert Weiss, Nationally Syndicated Radio Host


About the Book

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Written by a leader for leaders, USA Today and LA Times bestseller The Millennial Whisperer shares proven, practical and profit-driven strategies for leading millennials in the workforce.

About the Author


Chris Tuff, EVP 22squared

A graduate of Vanderbilt, Chris is an accomplished digital marketer, investor, business development leader, youngest partner in the history of a 100-year-old advertising agency, bestselling author, public speaker, husband, father of two and advocate of empathy and connection.

When Chris isn’t finding creative ways to inspire and lead, you will find him spending time with his family, on a run or kiteboarding.