Millennials made a poor first impression and developed the reputation of being lazy, entitled, selfish, and disloyal. The truth is Millennials are no lazier or more entitled, selfish, or disloyal than any previous generation.

Millennials differ from previous generations and how companies and leaders can use this information to immediately boost productivity without building an office full of ping pong tables, beer kegs, and participation trophies.


The Millennial generation is the largest and most diverse generation in the history of the United States.

They will make up seventy-five percent of the workforce by 2030. But they made a poor first impression. Now, people accuse them of being lazy, entitled, selfish, and disloyal.

The truth is they just grew up with different experiences than older generations and are motivated by different things.

The Millennial Whisperer, advertising executive Chris Tuff puts into context the ways Millennials differ from previous generations and how companies and leaders can use this information to immediately boost productivity.

Get rid of the ping pong tables. Bring the beer kegs home. Toss the participation trophies in the trash.

This is the practical, profit-focused playbook companies, leaders, and even Millennial workers, have been waiting for.

The Author

Chris Tuff

As one of the first marketers to work with startups like Facebook in 2005, Chris has built his career surrounded by Millennials while becoming one of the sought out leaders in the digital marketing space.
He’s a partner at the advertising agency 22squared in Atlanta, GA where he successfully attracts, motivates and whispers to Millennials every day. When Chris isn’t working he kiteboards, mountain bikes, runs, and spends quality time with his wife and two daughters.

Practical Takeaways

Build a corporate culture in which Millennials can thrive

Identify, train, and empower leaders to get the most out of Millennials at their companies

Set up recruiting methods that cause the best and hardest working Millennials to self-select and dissuade others from applying

Keep Millennials engaged, working hard, and doing their best work

Convince Millennials they’re not the next Mark Zuckerberg without causing them to lose focus or commitment

Establish effective rewards systems (at lower costs than existing ones)

Design career track options that motivate Millennials and keep top performers from leaving their companies

Address disciplinary issues without damaging morale or team productivity

As someone who has dedicated his life to motivating people to achieve their full potential, I understand the impact a motivated, hardworking team can have on an organization. The Millennial Whisperer is a true game changer for business leaders who want to get the most out of their Millennial employees. The strategies Chris shares are innovative yet practical, and the stories he uses to illustrate his points are interesting and relatable.

Jesse Itzler
Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, and New York Times bestselling author of Living With a Seal and Living with the Monks

The operating system of any organization is PEOPLE and all people have a desire to be heard and understood. Chris provides an empathetic and pragmatic approach to understanding and communicating with any group of employees, customers, or constituents to drive great results. The strategies and anecdotes in The Millennial Whisperer will help any leader or manager tap into the full potential of their teams — especially Millennials!

John Doughney
Managing Global Client Partner, Facebook

Any good manager is in the communication business. A sure way for managers to fail is to stubbornly stick to their style and expect others to cater. Chris knows this. Communication with an entire generation has changed. Millennial motivations are different. Empowering this generation every single day is the currency that Chris understands. The Millennial Whisperer teaches skills to better communicate with Millennials that will make their work both meaningful and profitable.

Bert Weiss
Host, The Bert Show

The Millennial Whisperer should be required reading for every current or future business leader. The strategies Chris shares will not only help you better lead Millennials, but they will help you become a better leader for everyone.

Jon Gordon
Author of 16 books, including six bestsellers: The Energy Bus, The Carpenter, Training Camp, You Win in the Locker Room First, The Power of Positive Leadership, and The Power of a Positive Team.

Millennials are hardworking and resourceful, two qualities that can take any company to new heights. The Millennial Whisperer will help you attract the right ones to your organization and set them up to succeed.

Ben Kirshner
CEO, Elite SEM

Ranked as the #1 Best Workplace for Millennials in the US by Fortune Magazine The Millennial Whisperer is a must-read guidebook to the most-misunderstood generation. Learn more about your future leaders and uncover tactical ways to turn Millennials into your secret weapon.

Jeremy Gutsche
CEO of TrendHunter.com and New York Times bestselling author of Better and Faster: The Proven Path to Unstoppable Ideas

Nothing is as significant as the generational changes we are undergoing. Tuff does a great job of outlining some of the misunderstandings we have regarding the Millennial generation as well as tactical ways to turn them into our greatest assets.

Steve Koonin
CEO Atlanta Hawks Basketball Club

The Millennial Whisperer does a great job summarizing and dumbing down complex generational issues into tactics that provide focus to get the best out of people. Tuff does this all while entertaining the reader—this is a must-read for all CEOs.

Raj Choudhury
President, Brightwave

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